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Elements of Great Logo Design

Showing the Sticky Notes A lot of thought and creative energy go into producing a high quality logo. Some of the most popular and recognizable logos we know are also some of the simplest, but getting to that design includes integrating a few core elements. Here are 5 keys to a great logo design:

1. Simple.

A logo should not be busy or complex, in fact a simple logo is often much more memorable and recognizable.  Simple logos are effective in giving a quick impression of your brand and are easy to remember. Examples include the Nike “swoosh” and the Apple “apple.”

2. Unique.

A sense of pride comes with having a unique and distinguishable logo. Creating something original and authentic can not only be a great brand asset – but is vitally important in making your brand stand out.

3. Versatile.

It’s important when planning a logo design to make sure it will adapt to various applications. How does the design scale?  Will your design look good in black and white or reversed out of a color?  Can it be modified to fit specific formats and mediums?  These are questions you need to ask in the design process.

4. Reflective.

Logo design should be appropriate for your target audience and reflect your brand’s image and values.  Fun and friendly with lively colors or a classic conservative and monotone design are examples of style. A logo should reflect who it represents and be an extension of their character, culture and values.

5. Timeless.

Trends in style are great, but trends come and go.  One of the biggest challenges is creating a logo design that will not go out of style anytime soon.  A classic logo design gives the impression of trust and confidence.  This is reflected in a design that is memorable and timeless accomplished using simplicity, clean lines and symmetry. Classic looking fonts and a simple and clean image are incorporated to present a logo design that will age with grace.