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Digital Marketing for Manufacturing

Digital Marketing for ManufacturingThe age of digital marketing has empowered manufacturing leaders to become much more involved in growing their businesses.  Manufacturers who fall behind the trends of using digital marketing risk losing profits to their competitors who are actively engaging in digital marketing.

Whether your purpose is to increase your online awareness to a targeted audience, maximize the effectiveness of your website, identify key-performance indicators through established benchmarks, or reduce costs by integrating marketing tactics, a successful digital marketing strategy benefits all facets of your manufacturing business and helps it grow.

Statistics support the use of digital marketing in manufacturing (Source: Fathom):

  • 46% of industrial experts visit an average of 10 business-related websites weekly
  • 56% of engineers rely on digital resources prior to making contact with the vendor
  • 83% of buyers read a minimum of 3 pieces of content from the web prior to making an industrial purchase
  • 84% of industrial professionals use the Internet to find equipment, services, and mechanisms and 74% use the Internet to compare products from different suppliers
  • 70% of small to medium-sized manufacturing suppliers use social media to engage with their customer base
  • The three top social media sites used by manufacturing marketers are Facebook (77%), YouTube (67%), and LinkedIn (61%)

As a manufacturing expert in your field, employing an effective digital marketing strategy ensures that you are meeting the demands of the changing market and capitalizing on business that may otherwise go to your competition.

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