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Design Tips & Tools

Flipping TypicalThis could be the beginning of something really cool. We will be posting some of our tried and true tips and tools for graphic and web design. Over the years, we have seen many new developments in the design industry for both traditional and, of course, digital marketing.

While some are simple time savers, there are quite a few that can really help in making good design choices and money along the way. We will start you off with a quick and easy one for previewing the fonts installed on your computer when you are facing the decision of whether to choose something other than Times Roman or Helvetica.

Flipping Typical (flippingtypical.com), built by designer and developer Stuart Robinson, is a fast and simple way to explore the typefaces installed on your computer. It shows a bit of text, which you can edit to view the letters you want. When you click on a font, it becomes the main font displayed at the top of the screen. Pretty slick!