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Brand Design

A strong and distinctive brand image is very important to your company. It must be consistent across every touch point and influence the look and feel of all your internal and external marketing materials.

At Brand Abound, we’ll collaborate to form a strategy for your brand image. We’ll create a brand design that includes a visual and verbal expression of the strategy. And we’ll build a brand experience that tells your story and connects with your audience on a personal level.

Our Creative Design Process

We begin by getting to know your company. We’ll want to know about your company culture and business objectives, your products and services, and what makes your company unique. We’ll also want to know about your competition and understand your position in the marketplace.

We’ll begin our design ideation and exploration process, and along the way formulate your brand position that defines your company’s philosophy.

Upon completion, we’ll deliver a library of brand assets, and help activate and apply across all channels and applications.

Our Brand Design services include:

• Logo & Identity
• Message & Positioning
• Marketing & Sales Material
• Advertising (Print & Digital Media)
• Websites
• Email & Direct Marketing
• Social Media Presence
• Photography & Video

 View some brand design samples of our work.